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    Please review my site


    I have been browsing this forum for quite a while and found valuable information from here, so I thought about registering an account here. There are so many helpful people here and I just wanna say whatsup to you all and thank anyone (indirectly) who helped me. Anywayz, lets get to the point of this thread:
    I am currently developing the site (currently in test phase) and just wanted to know your opinion about it. I am currently programming to make the output of the whois query nice - with nice I mean that it doesn't display the "Disclaimer" on the whois query, here an example parsed output and not-parsed output. Hope you see the difference!

    I am also thinking of adding a php script that checks for expired domain names in yahoo. here's how the script works:
    1.) user enter url to a yahoo category
    2.) script retrieves all domains in that category and checks if any are expired
    3.) returns result.
    But I don't know right now whether I should offer it publicly - cuz i fear misuse of the script and lots of bandwidth loss.

    In addition, I made 3 different style (templates) of the site so it is displayed correctly in every browser. I split it up in three versions:
    High | Normal | Low

    Oh well, please leave any comments/criticism!! Tell me what I should improve.
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    The site seems very easy to use, but it all seems so small. Your links are very close together, I would space them out more. The parsed output for the data that you posted in this thread looks nice, the output currently when you check on one is too small and cluttered. One thing that really bothers me is despite the small amount of data and size of your site, I still have a vertical scroll bar on a 1280x1024 monitor! I think it's due to your "feedback" at the bottom. As for your 3 versions, do you have something that checks connection speeds, or does it automatically go to the high and gives the option to go lower? Cuz if it doesn't, I would automatically load the normal, and give the option to go higher or lower. (I'm on cable so it may have chosen that, just curious) I think the High, Normal and Low is confusing too, I would make it Flash, Normal and Text Only or something like that so they know what the difference is.
    Kevin Hauge
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    hey thanks a lot for ur reply, really appreciate it.

    Re: size
    So you think I should make the resolution bigger?
    I just made it small because I was thinking if someone opens the size in a half browser only, then he would have to scroll to the sides. But anywayz, do u suggest I should make it like 800x600?

    Re: I have a php browser detection code. An IE user is forwarded to the 'high' version, an NS user to the 'normal' version and the rest to the 'low' version. I was not able to find a script that determines your internet connection as I doubt that this is possible.

    Re: 3 versions
    thank you for this suggestions. I will change it to "Flash", "Normal" and "Text only"

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    i think the site looks great ... good job! very professional indeed ... btw, im using IE6

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    thank you for your feedback!
    I now finished the "Link" section, so now anyone who has a website can offer a whois query. The user can even input his own logo, site name and url. , there u can see the specs, what do u think of that?

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