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    speed of US based vs Asia based server

    Quick question. I have a classified web site that caters to the Vietnamese marketplace exclusively. Currently the site is hosted on a dedicated server here in the US. I'm planning to go live with my site in a few weeks.

    Once traffic increases should I consider moving my site to a server in Hong Kong or other places in Asia versus keeping my site hosted right here in the US?

    I'm just wondering how noticeable the speed difference would be for the average Vietnamese user accessing my site via DSL.

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    Choose the right vendor, your customers will be happy. I thought to get some servers in Singapore before, but my testings show it's not always as fast as US-based server, especially US-based servers use good connections. We have many Vietnamese clients too, and all they feel good with network/system performance.

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    Realistically as long as you choose a US provider with solid/quality connections you shouldn't notice much if any difference but if you really sort through the offerings you may find a good Asian based provider that will meet your needs and offer lower latency.

    Good luck.
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    What's the latency from Vietnam to the US West Coast? If it's around 200ms like here in Australia, the difference would be noticeable. Not huge, and easily outweighed by other factors like server load, but appreciable with everything else equal.

    Try browsing some Vietnam-based sites from where you are, and compare with local sites - that may give you an indication.

    Edit: It also depends a lot on your website content - pages containing large numbers of small files tend to suffer most from added latency.
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    I suggest that you test ping several vendors in the US and in Asian Countries, as usually Faster if it is in Asia as you are near it, but there are ISPs that still have faster via US. Check also the price diff, as usually Asia costs more.


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    If the US server is having good network connectivity then there's no need to switch the hosting provider. There won't be any major difference in the speed. - WHUK :: Leader in Web Hosting since 2001
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    Once traffic is rised you will need to upgrade your web hosting account whereever you have been hosted
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    Thanks everybody for your helpful replies.

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