I'm trying to integrate a 'custom' integration for logging into VisiChat. I've set the options in the admin panel, verified the table / fields match, as well as create custom processes inside the 'custom integration' section of autologin.php. The autologin.php is gathering the correct information, and I've set the following to something like:

$this->username = 'user';
$this->password = 'pass';
(dummy data used for this posting)

However, I still get the login prompt from VisiChat. Is there a session variable or something that needs to be set? Or, perhaps a cookie? Let me know Thanks in advance for your help!

Also, I've set the encryption method to MD5 in the admin panel.... so, should the pwd's be assigned to the 'factory' as plain text (so that they will be encrypted by VisiChat), or should they be sent over as an MD5 hash?