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    VB if conditions

    How would I add more than one condition inside an if statement?
    I need to check that 3 Boolean variables are true to continue... Something like

    if bln_one & bln_two & bln three = true then
    execute code

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    I don't know the specific VB syntax, but conceptually, you would need to compare each variable against boolean true, and join them with logical ANDs.


    PHP Code:
    if (condition1 && condition2 && condition3then ... 
    where each condition is something like bin_one = true, etc.

    I don't know what syntax VB uses for a logical AND, but it's a double-ampersand in most languages.

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    I got it, the way the sytax for VB is as follows:

    if (condition1 and condition2 and condition3 = true) then
    just the word and, no "&"
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