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    Did you guys know Google has a search engine for ipv6 addresses? Read about it here:

    They also talk about the cost savings by implementing ipv6:


    I tried to access with my ipv4 address but it doesn't work.

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    1) only has a AAAA record, no A so IPv4 can't connect to it (that and its on IPv6 (hint: neither stack are compatible))

    2) this is an IPv6 enabled web frontend for their site, however they are NOT indexing IPv6 websites

    3) the google URL you link to, while mentioning, is actually about getting your nameservers whitelisted so you can access www/mail/news/images/ (etc..) over IPv6 using their standard dns scheme and not have to worry about using the IPv6 only hostname.

    If you want to see a site that is already indexing for IPv6 enabled websites based on submissions, try Warning: you need IPv6 connectivity to view IPv6 only sites, dual-stack however will obviously work for IPv4 only websurfers.

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