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Thread: Hi everyone.

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    Smile Hi everyone.

    Hello everyone.

    I am mipymesolutions, a software developer of legacy applications, client/server applications, web applications and mobile blackberry applications.

    I am new to the web hosting business. I am willing to learn before becoming a hosting reseller. I already have a couple of web sites and have learned some things but I want to learn about ecommerce. I am really interested in also finding a good company that would process visa payments for Panama which is where I am right now.

    Thank you in advance for all the tips I will receive from you and I hope to be of help in the areas of my expertise to anyone that needs it.

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    Hello mipymesolutions, welcome. Enjoy your visits.

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    Welcome to the WHT forums, and best of luck in becoming a reseller. You may have to inquire with individual hosting companies to determine which companies can handle a Panama payment. Visa should be allowed almost anywhere though. I have a friend in Panama, and he wasn't able to open a Paypal account with a Panama bank account. It doesn't seem fair
    He had to Western Union me money.

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    Paypal has its limitations on my geographic region. Paypal wrote to me saying they will only allow my palpal account to send money, not to receive money.

    ...and I am looking around for a company that will allow me to receive Visa card payments so I can start selling services and products in my website I will check if Western Union has something.

    So far, what I have found for Panama are companies that to allow me receive Visa Card payments, they charge too much money. It is not fair that the price to make business is so high.

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    How about google checkout?

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