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    Control Panels - Pros and Cons?


    I've never used anything but Cpanel, and really like it, but I notice a lot of hosts use Esim or Plesk.

    What are the pros and cons of these different panels? For hosts, why did you choose one over the other?

    I've seen the demos and they seem to all offer similar features, although there are things in Cpanel that I haven't seen in the other two (and I'm sure there are more than just these three out there).


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    For me, a control panel isn't the issue why I would choose a host. I choose by its reputation and reviews of what others say. And I'd email them and see how fast of a response I get (customer support!). That's how I found my current host. And whatever CP they offer is just a bonus.

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    I worked CPanel, PLESK and i ve just seen demos from HSpere and Ensim.

    As a reseller my clients (who doesnt have much experience) like PLESK cause its simple, easy to use and u dont have to be a computer expert or read many maual pages to work with it.

    CPanel is used by many hosts, is steady and have a nice and easy graphical interface, many experienced users loves it.

    Hspere is the "sophistecated" i-am-doing-it-all solution, ideal for resellers or end users, gives complete control but i ve heard lot of bugs, but never work with it.

    Ensim stands between CPanel and Hspere from what i see and hear.

    I suggest u try all the demos but dont choose a host ONLY because of the control panel they use.
    U could also hit the search button above and dig here for more info

    good luck
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    The bugs you hear about in HSphere are mainly from those who jump in to their Beta and Release Candidate versions. I've never had problems with their final releases, however lots of problems with the other releases. Therefore I wait for the final releases.

    PSoft does a great job of listening to customers and meeting their needs. So good, in fact, that many expect them to integrate complicated new features almost instantly upon request. It doesn't always happen that quickly.

    We've used CPanel and Ensim in addition to HSphere - we've done away with all non-HSphere machines except 1 Ensim machine. HSphere is as easy to use for the end user as CPanel but much more stable and powerful. For resellers, HSphere is much more capable than the WHM/CPanel combo, but that power comes with a higher degree of complexity. Take a couple days to learn it and you'll not want anything else - jump right in without going through the documentation and you'll swear it is the worst piece of software ever devised.
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