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Thread: just joined ...

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    just joined ...

    I have been reading posts in wht for long time, but didn't thought of joining until now. Now i needed a help from a member, so i had to join ...

    i am sandeep from india.

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    Apr 2009
    Welcome to the forum.

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    hi johnch,
    Do you know any good company or wht member who can help me setup vps on my server?

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    Apr 2009
    um... sorry, i really don't know, I'd recommend posting in the Technical & Security Issues forum. You'll get more eyeballs there. Also you can check out following tutorial:

    Hope you find this helpful.

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    Welcome to Web Hosting Talk. Enjoy your stay!

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    thanks for the help, i will try to start a thread there.

    I am using hypervm control panel, but stuck with a setting. Hope i find a solution from wht.

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