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Thread: Drop down menu

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    Drop down menu

    Does anyone know where i might get one?

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    me too me too, I am using dreamweaver MX and it has a built in menu maker. It's great but I want to create it dynamically..

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    Yes, but what would you like this to be in? (flash, css, etc....)

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    To go about it the CSS way, you need to start simple, with something that Eric Meyer did here:

    Again I say it again: no Javascript was used in the making of this page.
    So check out how they look here:

    though as you can tell, that part is undercontruction, but you can still see that yes it does work. And look at the thread here about it:

    Hope that helps.

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    Yah, gotta be more descriptive.
    A "drop down menu" can be anything from an elaborate Flash setup to

    <select name="dropdown">
    <option value="i suck">i suck</option>
    <option value="no, I SUCK">NO I SUCK!</option>

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