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    Dedicated server for Bulk emailer..


    I needed a dedicated server for bulk emailing. The requirement is for a client for which we have developed the application of newsletter.

    I have heard many networks block bulk emailing. So was looking for some data center in US which is most suitable for this kind of application.

    Can anybody recommend me a data center for the same.

    (Emails are sent to opt-in subscribers..With unsubscribe links and opt-out options in the email message.)

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    It's really not easy to find the server provider for bulk emailing because every server provider likes to keep the network clean. I'd suggest you to mention the number of emails which will be sent every hour. It would become easy to narrow down the search. - WHUK :: Leader in Web Hosting since 2001
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    Yes Josh, difficult to find a network for the bulk email,even though they are legitimate.

    Here is what my approx usage will be:
    1. The number of emails will be approx. 30,000 to 40,000 per day.
    2. Emails are sent to opt-in users.
    3. Each email sent has clear option to unsubscribe.
    4. Application has features to process bounce email and remove them from future mailing.

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    Have you taken a look at company's like an option for you?

    We have a few local clients who are using it, they like there services.

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    Spam is spam no matter what you call it, the IP's used will get blocked and you have to continue getting new IP's since most of the emails will bounce, eventually you leave the host and they have to clean up your mess.

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    Working with legitimate mailers is not really a problem but then most requests turn out to be spammers.

    Be prepared, the hosts that will consider your request may require the following:

    1. A security deposit
    2. Confirmation of the Opt-IN
    3. Expect that "Users must configure any email server in such a way that it will not accept third party emails for forwarding such as an open relay. SMTP servers must be configured in such a way that any user must authenticate to send email."
    4. Expect inspection the confirmation emails' headers to make sure @aol came from aol servers, etc. Recording a time stamp, email address and IP address is not Confirmed Opt-in.
    5. and I am sure that there are even more

    While it may not be easy if your search is diligent and you are willing to comply with the various host's requirements that they may impose to protect their network, you should be able to find a host.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaroMark View Post
    Working with legitimate mailers is not really a problem but then most requests turn out to be spammers.
    Exactly my point.

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    Typically most small ISP/Hosters don't allow commercial emailers.
    The ones that do, typically charge a huge premium for it.

    What seems to be popular is getting a cabinet at a carrier neutral facility (Equinix/S&D/Coresite/etc) and then getting bandwidth from folks in the facility.

    Your best bet is to pick out an ESP and live within their guidelines.
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    It's difficult to find a provider for bulk emailing as almost all of them have some or the other restrictions in place to avoid spamming and getting their IPs blacklisted. Once you have shortlisted a few hosts, make sure you read their TOS and bulk emailing policy carefully and then decide.
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    He said that its all opt in so its not spam

    I dont see any of the main players on here with clauses like "no messages" or only xyz messages per day.

    It all comes down to how you handle abuse requests.

    My mail servers probably do about 100k messages a day. We get the odd spam report, always from someone that is thick that forgot they filled in a form and joined a website.

    Tools like microsoft SNDS can help, they give you an idea of user reports.

    keep on top of dead emails, and remove people when they ask and you wont have an issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by john551 View Post
    2. Emails are sent to opt-in users.
    Are they dual opt-ins?

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