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    Host that allows MySQL backup/restore via FTP?


    I need to get the h3ll away from Godaddy, fast!

    However, my site has a large MySQL database (200 megabytes) and it's impossible to backup or restore via phpMyadmin. Godaddy has a feature on their control panel, where you can restore/backup your MySQL database to a special diretory on your web http file space, which you can upload/download vis FTP. I use this alot.

    Is there any other web hosting company that offers such a feature? I haven't seen this anywhere except on Godaddy.

    As to why I need to get away from Godaddy:

    Basically what they did was, my site was getting too much traffic (even though it's still well under Godaddy's advertised limits for that plan)... so they sent me an email that says:

    "Your site is using too much server resources. We have moved you to a new server to protect our other customers. Please identify steps to reduce your site traffic and contact us."

    They moved my site to what is, apparently, a punishment area (Godaddy Hell) where all the high volume sites go. It is so extremely slow, my site might as well not exist... it is inaccessible to my visitors for all intents and purposes.

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    Almost any reputable host will import your database for you if you upload it via FTP.

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    Like tcstatic said, I think any host would be happy to import it for you if you uploaded it to your home directory. And honestly, if you uploaded it via FTP, you could probably import it then using PHPmyadmin. I think most of the problems stem from trying to upload 200MB through phpmyadmin, and usually PHP upload limits aren't set that high.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm low on caffeine at the moment
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    Hi, thanks for the replies,

    Yes I realize I can upload my 200MB database to FTP, and call customer support and ask them to import it into MySQL for me. But that would be a one-time thing, no?

    I need to make regular DB backups myself, and sometimes (although rare) do full restores, all 200 megs of it.

    Backing up (downloading) 200meg database using PHPmyadmin is impossible, it will always time out. And uploading 200meg via PHPmyadmin is even more impossible

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    Well you could go to a host that uses r1soft and gives useraccessible backups. Cartika is one, but of course your not going to find hosts providing feature sets and infastructure at GoDaddy prices.

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    You can do it through SSH if your host do offer it.
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    Navicat has a very slick feature with a PHP script they provide that allows for HTTP tunnel access to MySQL through your website even if the host doesn't allow remote MySQL connections. I've used this to backup and restore DB's over 600MB.

    I recently just used it to help a friend restore his 400MB phpbb database to GoDaddy because their automated tool was having an error on his DB.

    If you work with MySQL and do any sort of backup or restore tasks the app pays for itself easily.

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    I just tried Navicat, seems like a good piece of software....... but unfortunately even Navicat timed out while trying to transfer 220megs of table records. (I have this one huge table that holds 150meg of data)

    What I ended up doing is, sadly, using phpMYadmin. Yes I had to break up the dump file into 22 little text files, and then zip them all up (because php upload limit is 8meg), and import into phpMyadmin.

    I got it working after much labor. But I hope i never have to do that again!

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    I suggest This will help you and easy to use.

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