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  1. #1 down.?? has been down after recent outage.
    Do i need to worry on this..??
    Please suggest..??
    Although my servers are up & running , only had 30 minutes of downtime.

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    The network is down and altushost is affected by this. Hopefully, someone from will update us here.


  3. #3 online now, but and my server down now

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    Anybody from altushost staff can update us please, my server is running fine though.

  5. #5 is down now for 2 days ..

    as i know , the Servers Administrator is in holiday for 6 days, and No one have this permission to Run the Servers ..

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    the site is UP and Running now

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    yes it's true, close thread

  8. is the worst company i saw, 3 hardware failures in near 2 months.

    and offcourse to change a hardware piece will take like 2 days, and pray not to be on weekend, or you will be offline like 4 days.

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