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    Looking for Hosting Partners

    I think this is a related offer or request .

    Some of you know I have been buying enom reseller accounts. Obviously, I am doing this to start a domain business (because, really, there aren't enough of those out there ).

    I am looking for 4-6 hosting partners for this business. More specifically, I want to advertise hosting businesses on the registration site ("In addition to registering your domain, check out one of our hosting partners").

    I am looking for no more than 2 of each type of hosting -- each type being defined as:

    Shared Unix
    Shared Windows
    Dedicated Unix
    Dedicated Windows

    I want to make the process as simple for me as possible, so I would like to partner on a referral basis. In other words, someone clicks from the domain site to your site and signs up for an account you send me a check ( send me a check when I hit a minimum amount, or whatever).

    A couple of things:

    1. I reserve the right not to partner with you if I think your company sucks.
    2. I would prefer hosting companies that have an existing referral system in place, that way I can check stats and other cool stuff.
    3. I would like at least monthly payouts (assuming I amass enough referrals).

    If you are interested please e-mail me at [email protected] (or if you can catch me on AIM, please feel free to instant message me). There is no need to respond to this thread, AND if you insist on responding to this thread with anything that sounds like "PM Sent" you will be instantly disqualified.


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    If you could please get on aim, I would like to talk to you about this..

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