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    I'm new at this... is it worth shelling out the $40 for

    So I made a site on , yet I am having trouble transfering it to a godaddy domain and hostage space.. It's becuase the site has somewhat complex (for me) features... the site is

    Unfortunatnly their package does not include a domain name unless you subscribe for a whole year! Which is too much for me right now...

    SO before I spenda fair lot of money on the domain name, space and $15 to remove the adds for a year, does anyone have any better ideas? I made this site in one night, I just want the exact same thing on a cheaper hosting system and I will happyily pay !


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    Unfortunately, if you're using site builder, then it's almost impossible to move the site to another host. The only option probably is to subscribe for the domain hosting.

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    thanks mate, that's what I'll do

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    It kind of depends. I can take a look at it if you want? You just wont have the scripts that are made by them, but there are plenty of other scripts out there.

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    cool man, the site is

    Reakon there's any chance it's worth just saving it somehow and bringing it across to a new host?

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    Seems like you may be able to setup the same site through Wordpress and go to another hosting company.

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    sweet, downloading it now, i'll give it a shot


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    Nice website, you can probally setup your site using an blog, but be sure to check it out first and see if your willing to start all over or if it allows you to import few things., its seems like they have a few custom apps.

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