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    Shopping Cart with and C#

    Ok, guys, here's my new, first ever written, website/application, a database-driven shopping cart written in and C#. Uuuummm, please nothing on design, more functionality and flow, as some other guy's gonna do the design.
    If you click login, the credentials are,
    Email: [email protected]
    Pass: password

    This site allows the adiministrator to add products, categories, check on orders, etc dynamically after logging in as the administrator. Check out all the links that appear after you log in as admin.

    The site is on a server that's only on from ~10:00AM-10PM PST. The fans are too loud, and keep me up at night.

    Thanks guys.

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    Connection Failure. The site won't come up. Are the servers off on weekends too?
    Kevin Hauge
    Modern Leaf Design

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    use a sparc 10 as a silencer =]
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    Connection failure here, too.

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    seems to be up now. Its pretty good, you might want to add more features though. Check out They offer a free e-store with loads of features that you could integrate into yours.

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