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    Xen 3.4.1 Module (beta) for WHMCS

    We have recently decided to release our Xen 3.4.1 module for public sale. Before this can be completed, we are in need of a few people to test this module in there WHMCS 4.x system. The cost of the beta program is $50 and will give you full access to the encoded file to be installed on your server. Support for this product will be given for free for the first 15 days while we work out the kinks of 'white labeling' the software.

    A short description is below.

    The scope of this module is to provide 100% automated setup, tear down, and maintenance of Xen 3.4.1 through Whmcs 4.x. The overall end goal is to allow your end users to have more control over there VPS node in regards to re-image, booting and shutting down of there VM. From the time your customer pays, WHMCS starts working on configuring the VPS node, starts it, and then sends the information to the end user with instructions on how to access there VPS. Our hardware was able to complete this process in 56 seconds. The clock started from the time the invoice was paid, and we had the email with access instructions in our inbox. This prevents your staff from ever having to deploy a VPS node again.

    The $50 is a discount for helping us beta the software. We plan to sell this add-on for more. There would be no additional cost to keep the production version (which we would include for free to you).
    *Optional add on

    there are only two more spots left for this! Our current WHMCS has stock control enabled for the following signup URL so it's really first come first served!

    Signup here

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    Several questions have been asked about this module and we have been flooded with a huge response from the community of people who are testing this module with suggestions on what to change and things to add.

    As we release new features of the module we accept more people in the beta program and at the present time we have 15 people using this module with WHMCS.

    This module will support an operating system re image selection after initial boot. At the present time the VM is imaged with there selection during signup.

    An example… while using the signup forum, there are operating system selections which you can choose from. After payment WHMCS creates the VM based on the selection chosen during signup and then sends the ip address information along with root password via email to the end user. If they choose to do a OS reload, the VM is re imaged with the same OS.

    What very few people have asked for to have WHMCS assign an ip address to the Vm and have the customer login and choose which OS they want to deploy. Keep in mind at this point WHMCS has already assigned them to a VPS server. Though only a few people have requested this... we would like to open it up to the community to see which way they prefer.

    1) The way described above (user selects OS after payment).
    2) The way it currently is where you choose an OS during signup and WHMCS makes the VM after payment, but you are given the ability to change the OS after deployment.

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    Round three of beta testing is about to start.

    At this stage we 98% complete with bugs and have been spending most of the time implementing changes to how the module interacts with Xen.

    Stage three of the module will be released on Wednesday, October 28th. As always we would require that the customers have a working WHMCS and Xen install standing by for release day. It is HIGHLY recommended that you do not use this module with a production version of WHMCS. So far everyone in the beta program has been able to get a 15 day trial license from WHMCS which provided plenty of trial time.

    Some changes to note for this version.
    Ability to change operating system selection AFTER deployment.
    • Under the users ‘my product details’ screen you are presented with your current operating system. Next to it you will see a Change option. Clicking that will present a drop down menu with all available operating systems that we enabled for the product.

    Last 5 commands to VPS now auto refreshes every 8 seconds.
    • Requested so customer can see status of jobs without having to refresh page.

    Added Server ID to Ip address selection database.
    • This will allow for multi server deployment where one server has access to an exclusive subnet of Ip’s (multi server deployment / datacenter deployment).

    Last command check protection.
    • A bug was found where a user could overload the VPS server with jobs in queue. We have made the system check to see if other jobs are in queue and stop the insert of jobs while others are pending.

    Terminate – free ip address from Ip table.
    • When a service is terminated, the module now sets the IP address to free in the MySql table to allow another VPS to have the Ip.

    Power state of VPS updates every 8 seconds.
    • We now require that a web server able to make use of PHP be installed on the Xen server (apache, litespeed, or litehttpd). The Xen module will talk directly to this web server to check the status of the VPS. Based on the power state, a user is presented with options to control there VPS. (if powered on they will be given the ability to shutdown or reboot (list goes on)). In our case we make use of litespeed. Our Dom0 is restricted to 512mb of ram. Running litespeed, the OS, and the commands has NEVER gone into swap usage. Basically do no be concerned with ram usage or CPU usage for the only command that is given is a restrictive sudo xm list $username command (where $username is the VPS name)

    Removed all need for php with SSH compile*
    • *this will be done by release day and may delay the release* Before the module talked directly to the XEN server via SSH. An SSH module was required to be compiled into the php version that WHMCS ran on. This is no longer the case. Most of the commands are now done via the Fsock open feature( (more common in PHP) which issues commands via HTML), java script (DHMTL), and a Perl client that checks in with the MySql database that WHMCS talks to.

    And plenty more

    We will not be giving the source code any longer. Since this module is so close to completion and will be a commercial product it have closed the door to ‘open source’.

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