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    SAS Hard Drives: 15,000 vs. 10,000 RPM

    In a server like the new Intel 5520's, would a average shared hosting user notice a difference between a 15k vs 10k drives?

    Since it would be a cPanel server, not specifically for MySQL, would it an advantage to have the SAS drives in comparison to SATA II? And if the SAS gives a huge advantage over SATA, does the 10K and 15K have much noticeable differences in performance? What is worth the money?

    Just looking for opinions on what the experts think?

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    if you can afford it i would go with the 15k drives.

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    3.5" 15K versus 2.5" 10K is very close in terms of average random access time...

    But on the whole go for 15K. I think 15K 2.5" drives are coming soon too.
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    I always recommend going with the higher RPM drives. Never know when you need it. Key is getting a good deal on the system, if you can package it in with your vendor and get a % discount then it works out pretty well.
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    Hello. 15k RPM HDDs do have a noticeable difference compared to the 10ks in my opinion. Although if your using the server for simple static pages , or simple websites it may not be worth the extra money.
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    What about the Raptor 10k compared to the SAS 10k?

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    I don't think it would matter which drive you use, as long as it's working one, spend the money you save on making it raid.

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    It will be a RAID-10 setup.

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    You are good to go

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    I would go with SAS

    Quote Originally Posted by WN-Ali View Post
    What about the Raptor 10k compared to the SAS 10k?

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