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    True Image and Windows7

    Last week Acronis released True Image 2010 edition, which is being sold as WIN 7 compatible (check forums as plenty still have issues).
    Not sure if I need true image or not... Have anyone already tried to use it or any other backup software with win7?

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    Ghost 7.7 works just fine. I use it via BartPE Boot cdrom.

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    i used to use it for all windows versions(7 not yet) and it works good with me, in fact i prefer true image rather than any imaging software

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    Most of the complaints about acronis 2010 in win 7 are not really complaints... from a quick glance of their support forum. Many

    Although, if it were me, I'd wait until after Windows 7 officially launches and Acronis sends out their first "service pack" before I'd use True Image 2010. Actually, that would be with any program that works in this capacity (ie ghost).

    I'm sticking with version 10... version 13 (aka 2010) might be on my radar once they release some service packs. I personally think they are attempting to do TOO MUCH with the program and (maybe) skimming on their core functionality. Although, all the new tools are cool to read about. To use... hmm... lol
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    I've successfully used Acronis 8 & 11 to restore win7 several times via the acronis recovery CD, and the startup manager.

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