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    * totally down

    No mater or their email server or DNS server or the dedicated server i recent from them, totally down since 2009/9/23 03:00 am(GMT-8). i also pm kevworks from forum, but he still not not login yet.
    there is any one knows whats happened?

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    There will be a number of reasons.
    Do you have their phone number or their email address,
    i.e [email protected]?(Most host companies make this as their support mail address)
    I tried whois the domain,and got the mailing address and fax number.Wish it helps!
    KevWorks, LLC
    112 W. 9th Street
    Suite 1115
    Los Angeles, California 90015
    United States

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    Servers Down

    I am in the same situation, 2 VPSes and both are down. Cannot contact Kevworks by email even though their server is back up, you just get bounced emails as all their emails are piped into a php app and php is not working on their server.

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    kevworks sent me email, ask for server info, and made my dedicated server back online finally. IP was changed.

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    What email address where you able to contact them on?

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    I have received an e-mail from [email protected] asking for password too.

    This is the new e-mail address in paypal buttons for 1-2 months.

    However, I think they should be more profissional and send the e-mail from their WHMCS (as a ticket, preferably, since it's a communication that will probably result in 1+ replies from both parts).

    This looks like Kevworks has been acquired by

    I'm very sad.

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    Kevworks has not been taken over by OC3networks, and its still privately owned.

    We had some major issues with the previous data center, ie, they shutdown our ports completely with no prior notice or warning. So it was very difficult in moving dozens of servers resetting our our network and so forth last minute. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to any customer, but we are still working on moving hardware from one place to another.

    This is not a billing issue with the previous DC, they just completely shut us off, no warning of any level @ 3AM. We had to make fast arrangements to get our customers back online in another facility that could handle our business with respect.

    If your server is not online yet it soon will be.

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    OC3 shut you off suddenly? Or maybe you are moving to OC3?

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