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    Question VPS Questions

    I am going to order new VPS plan on which comes with 50GB disk and 512 MB RAM. I am not a Linux and VPS expert so I need a suggestion.

    I will host 6 WordPress blog and 2 vBulletin forums. Main blog gets about 500 visitors per day and increasing. Hoping to create busy vBulletin forum.

    While choosing Linux I have options like Ubuntu 8.04/8.10/9.04, CentOS 4.x/5.x, Debian 4.x/5.x, Fedora 9.x/10.x, Slackware 12.x and Suse 10.x.

    I want to know which Linux will be right for my requirement which can run fast on 512MB RAM.

    Another question is there any user. I want to know is there VPS control panel is good enough for new user. Is it comes with MySQL installed and can I create new MySQL database from control panel.

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    I'd recommend CentOS very easy to manage, are you getting a control panel with your VPS? like cPanel or Plesk? if you do it will make it easier for you to setup things like MySQL.

    Have you tried the search function for reviews of fivebean?

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    I'd too suggest you to consider CentOS with the VPS and also a control panel because the control panel automates a large number of tasks that allow you to concentrate on productivity rather than server administration. - WHUK :: Leader in Web Hosting since 2001
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    Centos all the way, throw Directadmin on there to make managing it easier, make sure you disable any unnecessary services and do a yum update once in a while and that'd go a long way in keeping your server running and you sane (assuming you are to begin with).
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    What are you actually comfortable using? If you're proficient on a particular distribution, see what panels are compatible with it.

    You don't want to have to go into a shell and then not know what to do!

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    Another question is there any user. I want to know is there VPS control panel is good enough for new user. Is it comes with MySQL installed and can I create new MySQL database from control panel.
    +1 Centos. cPanel is usually something that many people need in a host, but it's more heavier on server resources. You might also consider Plesk. In basic features, both cPanel and Plesk offer about the same. I have used both but i am happy with cPanel because it is more user friendly.

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    My 1 vote for Centos. If my memory serves me right I saw a recent review on fivebean here. If you try a search you will get it.

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    centos + cpanel to easily manage the server. When the sites get busier you may need to add some extra ram.

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    I also recommend using CentOS with cPanel for a fairly easy way to manage a VPS, it does a good job

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    If you are *NOT* planning on using cPanel or DirectAdmin I would recommend Debian/Ubuntu for easy of use and more current packages with less fuss. I believe Fivebean's control panel is for the server itself, and not to manage applications that run inside the server (e.g. MySQL). If you need this type of support definitely look at cPanel, DA, and/or a managed provider.
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    Go with CentOS.... 512MB RAM would be good enough for your requirement, if you are just going to run your own websites you may not need to get cPanel (it's good but it cost money) try installing webadmin instead.... there are heaps of tutorial out there setting-up LAMPP.
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    Most people voted for CentOS and my vote goes the same place. As far as for the resources they should be enough. I don't know the company you asked about, so I can not say anything. According to whois database it is in business for an year and a half.
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    Another vote for CentOS, its stable and it "just works".

    If you have not setup a system before, you may want to have a look at - There are some great tutorials there on how to get LAMP setups going with Webmin/ISPConfig Control panels for easier management.

    cPanel isn't bad resource wide nowerdays as long as it's optimized accordingly, but try DirectAdmin as it's cheaper and lighter on resources.

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    I too vote for CentOS... It has been my experience that CentOS is a solid platform. PLUS if you do want a control panel, CPanel integrates nicely. They offer a VPS Cpanel solution too which I believe is CHEAPER than the dedicated version.

    Many places also lease cPanel licenses on the cheap cheap!

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