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    Wink PhotonVPS - Test/Review

    Review for PhotonVPS

    (c) Zhang Ltd. HK / William Zhang-Shiu /
    Copying/Printing etc. allowed with backlink to and Webhostingtalk.

    My English is not very good, as my main languages are German and Cantonese Chinese...
    but i hope you can read all, i tryed to write as best as Possible.
    (thats also why i capitalize random words, i think in German )

    1. - Hardware
    I choosed then OpenVZ - BEAM1 as testserver, for around 11$ per Month, hardware is:
    512MB Dedicated RAM, 512MB Burstable Ram
    20GB HDD
    500GB BW
    2 IPs

    The Specs on the site are exactly what i got, here are some screenshots of PHPSysInfo:

    CPU: Full Burstable to 8 Cores, no limit - but i think they would not like it if you use 100% everytime.
    RAM: well, i bursted sometime (first while installing some apps, second time with unraring to test it)
    without Problems.
    HDD: fast read/write (around 90/70MB/s) - no problems.
    IPs: both usable and pre configured, just needed to bind apache to it.

    See here for a test with Unixbench:

    for example, i hashed a 700Mb Torrent (around 50 files in 2 folders) in UNDER 40 seconds!
    even a OVH Kimsufi dedicated server needs around 1minute for that.


    2. - Network
    On the site you find nothing about the guaranteed Mbit/s , so i assume 100Mbit Shared.

    Here are some speedtests from WHT users:

    Ping from Austria to the Server:

    (German Windows, but if you have seen a Ping window anytime then it should not be a problem )

    Traceroute from Honkkong S.A.R. (ASIA):

    Traceroute from Mainland China (ASIA):

    Traceroute from Japan (ASIA):

    (Notice: thats EXTREME FAST!)

    Traceroute from Poland (EU):

    Traceroute from Russia (EU part):

    Traceroutes from USA:

    -San Diego (EDU):

    -Stanford (EDU):

    -Austin,TX (Giganews):


    Downloadfile was a Debian ISO, on at least 100Mbit Servers

    From Austria - 3,96MB/s:

    From Germany - 3,71MB/s:

    From Sweden - 2,07MS/s:

    From US (Hawaii - EDU) - 10,1MB/s :

    Torrent seeding (3 Debian ISOs, 1 Ubuntu - various connections around the world)

    Current Download: 0.00 kB/s
    Current Upload: 6,800.50 kB/s

    Download was also around 6MB/s , perfect for seedboxes


    3. - Control Panel / OS

    I cant say anything about this, since i preffer to use only SSH.

    I ordered with Debian 5.0 minimal, and got it - with some old packets installed
    (SSHd was really old)
    it was a REALLY minimal Distribution, only SSHd, CronD and Syslogd, very nice.


    4. - Support
    Well, i did not need the Support, so i cant say anything about it, sorry


    5. - Problems

    My Reverse DNS on one IP is a bit strange - also the IPs look new, since no Database has Location Informations.

    IP Location: N/A
    Resolve Host:

    the Second IP has also no Location:

    IP Location: N/A
    Resolve Host:

    Also i cannot login in the VPS Panel, since it says Password false - but the Panel is Beta, so i can understand this (i dont need it anyway)


    6. - Summary

    Well, i dont think you find anything better for 11US$ per month, 512Mb Ram is enough even for big sites
    and the Burstable ram takes you on the safe site during Diggstorms.
    CPU is more than enough, 8 burstable cores are really cool for hashing Torrents.
    HDD is fast and enough space, nothing to complain.

    The Network seems stable - but it has some outtakes with DNS resolving (takes up to 20s in i.e. wget)
    - also it has never the full speed on beginning, it starts with around 300KB/s and then gets up to Fullspeed
    after 20-30seconds, i can live with that.

    I think i will order some Servers at PhotonVPS and resell them, the network is fast and the Servers cheap - so why not?

    Greetings from Austria
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