Hostech Support plans to start their sales operations in US & UK. We will be establishing our office soon at both the locations. Moving ahead with first step towards this expansion we are looking for a sales manager.

The position is based on 20% recurring commission on all sales you bring inn, and will be moved on commission + monthly salary after 60 days from your date of employment.The Sales Manager must represent the company well, and must be able to dedicate time to helping increase our number of clients. A variety of different methods may be used, but ultimately, your job is to sell the services offered by us.

At the moment we don’t require you to be reporting daily as long as you can provide us with good results and you go on fix pay roll. It is also not important for us , if you travel and fix the deals or just handle sales remotely using your own ideas and contacts. Your permanent employment depends on your 60 days performance.

Position requirements (Sales Manager):
•Mandatory English (Fluent)
•Good attitude & Convincing Power
•Good knowledge of the services we provide
•Email and Phone availability is a must
•Must be located in UK & USA

Ideal candidates for the Sales Manager position based in US/UK/ , but we’ll consider applications from any location as long as you have a proven ability in sales.

Something about us:
We’re an IT company with main offices in INDIA.
We offer a wide variety of Services offered that range from Remotely handling Sales, Billing & Tech Support, as well as Web & Application development and SEO. Also we provide end user customer support for various products and software solutions.

So as you see that you dont have only one service to promote or sell, but a variety of services which makes your work more easier with those options to target a single client with selling them multiple services.

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To apply, please send your resume/references to: [email protected]