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    What are : oomguarpages in parallels and watz the danger of red zone ?

    my friend is using parallels for managing his VPS, provided by the host

    I was just going through the server stats, and I found this in the memory resources:
    current use : 103,168
    soft limit : 65,536
    units : maximum	4KB pages	
    Out-of-memory guarantee
    so what is this actually ?? And what does it deal with ?
    And its in secondary system parameters, in the help option next to this column, showed that no process would be killed even if crosses the limit barrier.

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    perhaps this could help -

    oomguarpages is your ram guarantee
    privvmpages is your burst allowed
    The amount of ram you are using is the "Current use" oomguarpages * 4/1024.
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