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    Helm & Coldfusion 8 UK-based Reseller Account Needed

    Hi there,

    I need to find a UK based reseller account which supports Coldfusion 8 and also runs the Helm control panel ideally.

    I currently have my own co-located dedicated server but I don't want the hassle of maintaining the hardware and software installs. I use the Helm control panel currently and feel it's much better than cPanel or Plesk which are far more common. A webmail app would be great too - I currently use SmarterMail.

    We host around 50 domains, although most of those are aliases with only about 20 or so actually storing any files. The bandwidth requirements are pretty low, only a few GB/month but some of the clients are musicians and require a reasonable amount of storage. In total I would probably need around 20gb.

    Ideally I'm looking for an unlimited reseller account, based in the UK, that's not going to break the bank. If I can find the right account I would be willing to sign up an account for my own hosting, and that of a charity I am working with - so in reality I need 2 reseller accounts.



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    I'd agree that Helm 3 has been very solid and I never took chance with trying out Helm 4 after Parallel's take over.

    In any case, are you looking for Win 2003 or Win 2008 based reseller account?
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    I don't really mind if it's Win2003 or 2008. I don't need to be able to get root access or anything - I'm really just wanting a wholly shared/managed solution so I don't have anything to do with the hardware / software installs directly.

    My current server has Windows 2003 R2, Helm 4 and SmarterMail 4 I think. So I would like to carry on with something simmilar elsewhere.

    On a different note, if I can find a suitable host I'll have some server hardware and Helm etc. licenses for sale if anyone's interested! Ha

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    Cyberhostpro seems a good vendor. Have you contacted them yet?

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    Yes, I have emailed them; but as far as I could see they dont seem to offer Coldfusion hosting, which is essential for me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gate2vn View Post
    Cyberhostpro seems a good vendor. Have you contacted them yet?

    thanks for the compliments however we do not support CF8.
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