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    Does anyone of you know of any hosting companies which provide technical service support to their resellers' customers?


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    Most companies provide tech support to you and in turn you provide this information for your customers.
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    Yes. Providers of reseller accounts offer tech support to their reseller and in turn reseller pass it on.

    Hosts remain anonymous as they should be. As a reseller, it is your primary duty to provide tech support to your hosted accounts. It is suggested therefore that you also do some readings to learn some stuff. And if you can't handle it, you can ask your host.

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    I think most resellers do provide tech support.
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    I am going to use

    So far i've talked to there owner many times and he seems to know alot abouut this. I really recomend using this company as it is really good technical support and awesome uptime

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    I think everyone misunderstood he was asking if you know of any hosting companies that provide support directly to end user customers we already know you pretty much get support as a reseller.... The only one I can remember right now is

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    well does provide tech support for resellers to pass it on, atleast thats what he told me
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    Like dsotmoon said, KCDWorks provides customer support to customers of their resellers. Also, Serverplex has been saying on their website that they are working on "private-label support for our resellers' clientele." But that's been on their site for several months, so I don't know if/when that may become reality.

    I don't know anything about the service/support either of these hosts provides.


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    We offer both a branded control panel (ensim) and web-based support desk for you clients. So we will answer the questions of your clients on your behalf.

    We don't do phone support for resold accounts, just for resellers.

    If you want to go with a box of your own and just add support, check out


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