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    Dedicated Server with DDoS Protection

    I am looking for a dedicated server with 1-2gb of ram, 1000-2000gb+ bandwidth, and 80gb+ disk space for around $100-200 a month with DDoS protection. The DDoS protection needs to be pretty decent. The server will be hosting game servers + a small (75- users) irc server (if the game servers run smoothly), which is where the DDoS protection will be needed. We currently have an IRC server hosted off a 1gb VPS, but we keep getting DDoS'd from a few people that got banned from our servers. This dedicated server will also allow us to not have tons of different logins to various game server providers that host our games (4-5 I forget). Oh, the game servers wont be holding tons of players, probably 10-16 players each.

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    Do a search, there is a thread with an exact title if I am not wrong.

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    If you're talking about "Dedicated server IRC allowed DDOS PROTECTION" they never came to a conclusion and only need it for IRC access. But yes, I was looking at 1 of the sites listed in that thread (staminus), but I wanted to get some more opinions as well.

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    Sounds like you'll want a pretty powerful quad core, and at least 2GB of RAM. It should be doable, just contact some hosts and ask them if they can set it up within your budget, though it will probably end up being over 150$.
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