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    * how reindex a website with previous noindex tag? thanks


    he was designing a new website, publishing a temporary web, for what I decided to add a tag noindex

    yesterday have I already published the definitive web and have eliminated the tag noindex, but I have the sensation that Google is not visiting the place correctly

    (in the webmasters tools for Google no information appears about this new website, how long he should wait? seemingly Google has already visited it in several occasions)

    some suggestion?

    thank you - hosting, multimedia, web design, logos, corporate

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    Because you had that tag, it may take longer for Google to check again. I would add a robots meta tag that indicates you DO want the page/site indexed. Then I would submit the site to Google. Submitting may not help, but it won't hurt. And I would also get some links from other sites or directories to your site which should also help. You might add an xml sitemap as well and do everything you can to put out the welcome mat, not just for Google but others as well. :-)

    If you do nothing I would still expect your site will be visited again in 3-10 days.

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    ok, thanks, I send a email to Google to reevaluated the site, because I add site but Google no indexing (in webmasters tools)

    i upload a robots.txt for index all

    the web is in flash, the sitemap is very hard to creation - hosting, multimedia, web design, logos, corporate

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    - Check the webmaster help and find the page where you can submit your URL to Google. I doubt sending an email to them will help.

    -Robots.txt tells what to NOT index, I don't know that you can use index all there. I would add the robots meta tag to your pages with index, follow.

    - Use or another to create a sitemap. If you can't create one, how can you be indexed...???

    - If the site is one Flash file, I think that is not good. Consider making a Flash file for each page or section of the site. The best thing is pages that are mostly Flash, but have text content as well. I would search for more information on this topic as there is a lot to cover.

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    really it is the first time that used the tag noindex and I was waiting another reaction by Google, I think the system of search and indexing is awful, but before the high use, there is almost forced the inclusion of the web sites

    in another occasion I had a similar problem and to send to them an e-mail worked (the problem was I convert a HTML site to Flash site)

    the web site with the problem now is

    I have never had problems to index the sites in Flash so that it could be found searching for the name of the domain

    with regard to the generation of the xml-sitemaps, that would imply an extra weather that the client is not going to pay, as well as I do not know how it is necessary to generate exactly, I do not want to give to Google any more motives so that it worsens this situation of not indexed

    would this file robots.txt index the whole site?
    User-agent: *

    I upload the file, but Google Webmasters Tools show me: 22/09/2009 404 (No found).

    I am really disappointed by such an erroneous behavior of Google

    does exist any metatag that I could use to improve this situation?

    I have seen a system of friendly URL for Flash, but I have not had yet weather to study it, as soon as it could I will process of understanding how it works to apply it, since the clients in Colombia demand that your sites webs should be in Flash

    (is a long text, I use a translator, I hope that the text should be understandable enough)
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    The translator is imperfect, but I get most of your meaning I think. :-)

    The site has a very nice design! :-)

    Here is the meta tag I was speaking of:
    <META NAME="robots" CONTENT="index,all">
    This tells the search engine to index the page and follow all links. This is more direct a commend than using robots.txt. But the robots.txt you have is fine.

    Using an xml sitemap does not have to cost anything, but your time to create one. It is not required and in your case of a Flash site it may not help much.

    The URLs of your Flash site are not a problem. But I think the way your site is built could be more effective to generate traffic from search engines. The topic to study would be SEO for flash sites.

    I think the problem will go away in a few days now that you have removed the noindex tag.

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    Ok, very thanks, I waiting a days to see how Google act

    I go to put the new meta

    Thanks for all - hosting, multimedia, web design, logos, corporate

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    Try the following,

    Make anew sitemap and upload it through google webmaster page.
    Make anew robot and submit it to the root of your web site.
    In google web master tool, perform the rdirect option, and make sure to set up the option of prefered domain

    I wish these will help you

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    "In google web master tool, perform the rdirect option, and make sure to set up the option of prefered domain"

    whats the steps to do this?

    thanks - hosting, multimedia, web design, logos, corporate

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    it needs time to appear in search result, i believe it already visited by spider.

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    hello, I know that I should be wait a prudential time, but when re-sending the link to google, Google says to me that the place has not been index-linked

    curiously yesterday I was doing tests with analysis systems online to see what errors could be in the web site

    curiously Google index-linked very rapidly one of the results

    (it goes out in the first position on having set

    waiting, waiting, waiting... - hosting, multimedia, web design, logos, corporate

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    thanks for the help...

    after doing the changes that they advised me, finally the page turns be already index-linked in Google looking for plasticosybolsas and for great thank you, really I think would take a lot of more time, I am really grateful for your support
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