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    Anyone use modern bill?

    I know that host gator and uses them. Probably a custom one.

    Why you have not switched to a different system?

    Is it really worth the hassle and time of not changing your system to benefit your clients?

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    We used to and it was a nightmare. We switched to WHMCS and spent a hell of a long time templating it. It's a beaut.
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    I've used MB before, when I migrated from version 4 to 5 I couldn't take it any longer and moved to WHMCS. MB5 is rediculously complicated to setup and maintain properly. WHMCS isn't perfect, but out of the billing programs I've used it's certainly the best.
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    Mb5 may be developer wanted to invent something exceptional, but something must have went wrong as you can see parallels took it over.

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    I must agree with other persons - ModernBill is terrible. WHMCS is a little bit better, but still away from perfect billing system.

    If you can't afford custom billing system, my vote goes for AWBS. Web Hosting - First class web hosting services.
    Boxbilling - Complete billing, invoicing and client management system.

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    Both are good but WHMCS seems to be more user-friendly compare to Modern Billing.
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    We used modernbill v4 until we switch to WHMCS.

    Modernbill v4 wasnt bad @all, its modernbill v5 and v6 that most users didnt like, most complain comes from slowness.

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    We still use it and hate it, but unfortunately, none of the existent (or at least that I know) billing system fit our needs.
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    We have used modernbill, CE and WHMCS. We feel WHMCS is the best solution for the price.

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    I bought a modernbill license a few years ago and felt I wasted my money. I spent a solid week trying to get it do everything I wanted and still couldn't get it to work.

    WHMCS is hands down the best. I should have started using it sooner. It took me 30 minutes to get what I got in a week with modernbill.

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    WHMCS is way to go. Many exciting features over modernbill. We have used CE, MB both but after WHMCS we never needed to change. Built in support system is best

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