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    What are a few good Books to learn/start with?

    Hello Everyone,

    I have just a quick question. We have a bookstore by us who have this 50% off sale on all computer books.

    I was wondering which books are some good learning material for webhosting? I have been looking at these so far....

    UNIX System Administrators Bible
    Learning Unix Operating System 5th Ed
    Apache Web Server Administration and E-Commerce Handbook
    Apache Server Bible
    DNS and BIND, 4th ed.

    What other resources would be helpful?


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    Oooo, what book store is this?

    I'd be snatching up books left and right at 50% off. I'd stay away from those "Bible" books, they seem to cover the same amount of material that a book 300 pages less could

    Some books I'd suggest looking at are:

    Real World Linux Security (Second Edition if possible)
    Building Secure Servers with Linux (no idea if this is on bookshelves yet)
    Absolute BSD (Great book)

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    I am sure you will have one around you, they have a few stores now.

    The store that is local is loaded with tons of books that I need.

    Do you think I should read UNIX books to help me with Linux books? When I start my servers, they will all be run on Red Hat, so it might be good to know both.


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    You also might want to look at:

    Strategies for Web Hosting and Managed Services

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