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    Contacting Clientexec?

    I'm looking for a customer billing solution, and I went to Clientexec's website, but their demo is broken, and when I emailed their sales email, I got a Message Undeliverable email generated by php on their server.

    They don't have a phone number listed on their site... is there any other way to get a hold of them?

    Anyone with experience with their software, and them as a company? Things aren't looking too good for them in my book a the moment.

    I'm looking for a client billing software to handle recurring billing and customer signup for a non-webhosting service.

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    I've used ClientExec when working for other companies and its not the most user-friendly application. I would strongly suggest looking into WHMcs ( they have an extremely user-friendly billing and helpdesk interface. Some people don't like the helpdesk feature but almost everyone loves the billing elements. I'm not sure of another method of contacting ClientExec. I would use the information provided off their website, which you have already done - other then that, not sure. I hope I've been helpful. Best of luck!
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    WHMCS is a good system, and have a nice billing and support team.

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