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    * server order setup times {split from ad thread]

    hello mr steve,
    After the response from your posting,i chatted with mr rob wright and finalised core2quad server.
    iam glad we started our partnership.
    i asked our team to order 1 server and they did ordered on sunday.
    depending on the service i assured rob that within 48 hrs we will order another 3 servers.

    But what happened is..from sunday to till now,that is wednesday 11.40 am morning IST...the server is not yet ready.

    we enquired with online chat,Drew assured me that it will be ready in few hours.

    please do look into this issue..bcos iam here to do longterm business with hivelocity.

    iam reading lots of good reviews about you guys in we want to be part of your success..

    irrespective of this delay..i strongly believe that core team of
    hivelocity is strongly commited to timely delivery.

    personaly look into this issue..and we need a positive commitment from you end..that is..from next order...onwards we want the server to be up within 24 hours.

    i wish hivelocity team all the best and i hope our business relationship will become stronger in days to come.

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    Your server is online and you were emailed access about 8 hours ago. I have emailed you again in regards.
    Steve Eschweiler- Hivelocity- Director of Operations
    Bare Metal Servers. Colocation. Private Cloud.
    Customers in over 130 countries. Privately owned and operated data centers.
    Limited Supply Outlet Server Specials

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    Why did you post this here? Why not just open a ticket in their support portal?

    This thread should be closed!!

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