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    GB-01 vBulletin Button Set

    The GB-01 button set is ready to be licensed out!

    There are four packages. You choose which you want. A single set is $10, and all three for $20. Email [email protected] to order a copy.

    Here's the README file:


    vBulletin Button Set GB-01
    Copyright 4NetDesign. All Rights Reserved.

    A separate button set purchase must be made for each bulletin board they are integrated with.

    This button set comes in four packages:
    1) Blue Specialty Buttons + General Images
    2) Green Specialty Buttons + General Images
    3) Orange Specialty Buttons + General Images
    4) Blue + Green + Orange SB + General Images (Full)

    vBulletin website is located at:

    Please email the following address with questions or comments:
    [email protected]

    Thank you for being a valued customer of 4NetDesign.
    If you need anything done in the future, we work all aspects of Internet Development.

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    Good work , I might order it

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