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    Dedicatet server for community website.

    I知 constructing community website which will contain user accounts with private photos and videos. Chat module text, sound cams (msn like).Not sure about chat software yet (I was thinking about 123 flash chat). I wish and hope to reach about 100 000 users within few years.
    However.... I知 not bad with html ...etc, but when comes to servers I知 not very experienced especially dedicated servers. I had some offer from UK host but some people recommending hosting it in US. I知 spending a lot of my time and money to build this site so I would like to get some very good host so the users would be happy and my pocket won稚 suffer.
    Does anyone running site like that any advice would be great.
    Best Regards

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    There are some great offers available in the Hosting Offers section of this forum. Although, I would say would be a good choice for you depending on the hardware you need.
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    I would recormend you start with a reseller account. That should get you going for a few months.

    Once you site is up and running you could concider switching to either a VPS or small dedicated box.

    What script are you using for the site? I run a few community websites, some use lots of resouces some use hardly any. If you can give us some more details about things you will be doing, we can give you more helpful advice.

    Take your time, and do your research, before buying any hosting. Thats my advice anyway.
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    It all depends where your users are coming from. If they are mostly coming from USA, it's a good choice chosing a US datacenter. - Online in no time
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    Do you have a budget for the dedicated server your getting? any spec?

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    Thanks for all answer this will be dating site where users can have they own videos and pictures, will be run by custom php so no fireworks ....not much outside resources.
    Site is aimed to older generation will be easy and clear to navigate(don’t get me wrong lol).
    Few picture galleries, and chat advanced as possible to make communication easy and nice.And most of users will be from usa
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    As serverboast asked, where do you find your target audience being, and host closest to them, so the site will load the fastest for your audience.

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    As this is a new development project, how about you start with a VPS?

    I do not think you will actually need a dedicated server from the very start. But if you have a good budget go with a server.

    Where are you visitors located? What is your budget for this project? How much bandwidth will you require?

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    East coast hosting even if you are in Europe should not really be a problem and in many case may be a better economical choice for you.

    If you don't know how to manage a server then you might want to consider a host that offers full management of your hosting. Look for one that fully-managed means a proactive involvement with your hosting vs a reactive stance.

    Most importantly and before all else make and maintain current backups of all your work. Make the backups often and be sure and test them occasionally to ensure they work for you.

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