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    Question about power usage

    I've been looking around for a colocation provider recently and I keep noticing the amount of power they're offering is incredibly low (usually 1-2 amps) and I can't seem to figure out what kind of servers people are running that only use 1 amp. I'm planning to build a storage server with 4 3.5" hard drives and only counting the hard drives, thats about 2-3 amps right there (Im going off the HDD specs which say they use .7A on the 12V rail). Im really just looking for some insight in to how data centers measure power usage and if I'm really going to have to pay quite a bit more extra for the additional amps.

    - Chris

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    The amps that are included with single server colocation are most likely going to be 120v.

    1 amp @ 120v = 120 watts.

    .7 amps @ 12v = 8.4 watts

    You would need 14 HDDs before you got to 1 amp @ 120v.
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    Oh I see, I didn't take voltage into account, thank you for the clarification.

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    2 amps is more than enough for the majority of servers. Even our big 15-drive storage arrays only use 2.5A at 120V. Unless you're using the most power-hungry CPUs on the market, a dual-core or quad-core server with 4 drives would be well under 2A.
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