I know this has been discussed before, but I wasn't able to find quite what I need in older threads.

My ideal software will be very similar to whm cs, but without all the hosting sections in it. i.e. I need a billing software, with which I can create packages for services and bill clients for them (one-time and recurring), have a client area, where clients can edit billing details, see past orders, etc. It should also have an integrated ticketing system.

Whm cs is quite good and has almost everything I need, but I have two major issues with it:

1) I can't figure out how to disable the hosting related sections from portal.php and the client area. It can be done by just removing code from the template files, but I'm a PHP/Smarty noob and prefer to avoid this.

If you know of any free themes for whmcs, I will be most happy if you share them.

2) its ticket system doesn't have any customizable options, such as limiting number of tickets per package for example or disabling ticketing system for accounts older than 1 month.

I tried most of the free alternatives available in the wiki, but they are far far away from the feature-rich whm cs.

I suspect, that such software will not be free, but I prefer a price range between $15-20/mo.

Thanks in advance.