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    Post Has anybody here messed with Bespin?

    I checked out Bespin a few months ago, and loved it, but was never able to successfully install it myself.

    It is, a web based code editor, emacs and vi based, that sits on your server, that lets you edit all your files via the web interface.

    I just checked it out again today, and they have made some amazing improvements, and I suggest you check it out yourself.

    I am going to be setting up a new apache2 server at my house in a few weeks, and I will again attempt to install bespin (you can get a python or java based version) and will try it out.

    I cant wait until everything is cloud based!

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    That sounds pretty cool . . . Don't think I'd want to use it on production servers, but for home use I might check it out

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    I have also messed around with, which has a few bugs here and there but overall is another great option. PHPAnywhere is actually more polished, and lets you set up ftp connections (works well)

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