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    Searching for good coldfusion host - gone

    I had previously heard great things about the cold fusion host, alas this is another hosting company that seems to have been swallowed up by a competitor. I have no references for the new company, and it is much more expensive.

    What are your recommendations for good CF hosting for a small database driven site that needs less than 100 mb of space with a budget of < $20/mo

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    16,087 I believe offers this and they were very good to me back when I used Windows hosting
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    The press release on their site says "May 19, 2009 — HostMySite Acquires". That doesn't sound like an ownership change. I do suppose it is more like a merger, but there's reason to hope that the standards will be those of the old

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    Take a note of Cold fusion supporting web hosting companies that recommended by Adobe - Who are the industry leaders of these kind of technologies

    you can get that list by searching with google by the keyword

    " adobe coldfusion web hosting "

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    I assume you need to have CF forums visited with the same question. I assume there you will be able get more information about webhosts

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    Hello Renoir,

    My name is Joshua and I am the Centralized Support Manager for (formerly To clarify for all, was the aquiring company of We officially took the name due to the fact it better suites what we do. We don't just host websites. We are an overall solutions provider for any type of business, big or small.

    The customer service philosophy of continues on with We have the exact same support staff and provide support that will exceed your expectations. is still considered the best in the business for ColdFusion hosting. We have over 10 years of experience hosting ColdFusion and have a staff on hand that will provide you with all the help you may need to get your site up and running. We will assist you with all troubleshooting when you run into roadblocks.

    I know that if you use our services you will not be disappointed. We are fully staffed 24x7x365 and everytime you call, you will get a live person in our Support Center who will be able to assist you.

    I am sure we can work with you to meet your needs and I encourage you to email me at [email protected] or give me a call at 877-215-4678 and we can come up with a solution.

    With the greatest regard,

    Joshua Tobiansky

  7. #7 is a CF hosting company that has hosted CF since it was owned by the Allaire brothers back in 1995. Currently Media3 offers reasonable CF8 packages on both shared and VPS solutions.

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