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    Selling IPB License Purchased 01/20/09 Will renew upon purchase FREE!

    I am selling my IPB Board the upgrade support is currently expired but I will renew upgrade subscription for free upon purchase I am selling for $110.00 via paypal will accept offers. I am getting licensed verified by staff now.

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    Actually back up now just had some issues with IPB I actually just renewed it today if your still interested? I will have Staff check the license for verification as soon as my payment goes through for the renewal which should be in about 1 day as IPB has to manually verify my renewal.

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    Having staff verify license now.

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    Still up for sale *BUMP*

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    This license is eligible for transfer. Please note that the entire account must be transferred to a new holder. The license cannot be individually transferred to a new account.
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    Sent pm please check it.

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    Sent PM back

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    Is this still avaliable? Send me a PM with paypal!

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