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    I read something in this month's PC World about spam software. At this present moment, I have MailWasher ( running. When I first checked my email with it I blacklisted and bounced 32 spam messages. Only time will tell whether this blacklisting/bouncing will actually reduce the amount of spam I receive. I wish it was more integrated with Outlook though so I wouldn't forget to open MailWasher instead of it.

    In any case, has anyone else here had any good experience with it? Is there another program that seems to work better in the real world?
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    Been running it for about 10 days. It has certainly reduced the amount of time wasted on spam. I can't tell yet whether it actually reduces the number of messages received, but it certainly has saved the download time.

    I didn't do anything except follow the sites instructions the best I cound. My OE doesn't open except by request, or thru mailwasher.
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