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    View all sites in my sharing server


    This is my first post here!

    Somebody have a php script for view all sites in one share hosting ?

    Ex: put ip or domain and counting all sites using this ip, like onsamehost, myipneighbors.



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    You can use to run a reverse IP on the site's ip address.

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    Your best bet is to use an API like ( or write your own whois crawler, which is a lot of processing.. every single domain name registered, and you crawl 2-63 characters long, i have character lists for 2s,3s,4s,5s all the way up to 63 characters long (alpha num [0-9a-z]) but not for sale or going to give them to you. It takes a lot of processing to go this route to be 100% self-sufficient, and actually keeping track of every little detail.. it would take a cluster of servers or even a couple to handle this load.

    Also, i know for a fact that onsamehost is wrong and so is myipneighbors for the sites i checked, including mine. compared to onsamehost and myipneighbors you will notice there is a vast difference. (you will see a thing that says sites hosted on this server)

    It seems like they don't do a 100% thorough whois crawl, so their data is poor, while domaintools does. (domain tools ='s original domain, just used to typing it like

    EDIT: Was doing other things while writing this post, johnch beat me to domaintools.

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    im really needed a my own script for this but i dont know where to begin.

    Somebody can help me ?

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    i'm pretty sure i explained it pretty well, something like this isn't free, it will cost you quite a bit actually.

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    can you send me a examples ? sellers ?

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