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    What do you look for in a host...

    What do you look for in a host?

    Fancy Website
    Low Prices
    Telephone Sales & Support
    24 Hour Tech Support
    Local Business
    Package Features
    Latest Technology
    Highly Recommended
    Terms / AUP
    Server Location
    Company Established History

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    This has been asked a lot, here are just a couple links on the first page of the web hosting forum alone:

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    I'd say customer reviews, tech support, and established history.

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    i agree with johnch

    customer reviews, tech support and established history
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    Low Prices, good customer service and good reputation. I don't really look into the more fancy stuff

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    Why not look for all of the above and more?

    This topic is discussed almost daily
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    Since I am a web design and developer I look for the website content and overall design structure. So, from my point of view if they are not willing or able to design / develop a website that's eye-catching then they do not deserve my money!

    I also look for SLA (Server Level Agreements). I feel this is an important feature that only SOLID web hosting companies offer. This separates the 'scammers' and the pros if your willing to stand behind your service, regardless.
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    Being a internet marketer i am look in for

    SEM vouchers offers
    Technical support

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    I think 24 hours tech support, uptime and Company established history is most important.
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    Reviews, prices, and support.

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    I would say a good track record, established business, customer reviews, knowledge about the company. Then after the first order: Quick Painless Order Process, Fast Service that is customer focused. And if there any issues, of course be very open with the customers, and always take responsibly, no matter who caused the problem, and that you want to earn there business back, putting in processes to fix what happened, so it never happens again.

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    Good track record, 24/7 support (even if it's just helpdesk) but if live chat or phone is available it would be a plus, quick response times to requests.

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    Efficiency and useful response on tickets and livechat.
    Service reviews would contain a lot of info.
    Reasonable price on the right plan.
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    I would first assess my needs and then look out for hosts that would fulfill them. It's actually good to test them first by calling or writing and see if they answer your concerns. If you do not get any professional help within 24 hrs then I would move on to another one. Reliability and Support definitely are top priorities. But other factors like price, diskspace, data transfer, Uptime, user feedback, and how well-established the host is, also play a huge role in determining the right host.

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    These are all great things to look for. But it's always good to see how other people felt about their service. Hearing reviews and customer comments will help you to see if it's good stuff. Just keep in mind that each client and situation is different. But its a good way to get a feel for what the company is all about
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    When I got for a host or server in my case, I look at support, reviews, and best price vs what I get.

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    I feel this is an important feature that only SOLID web hosting companies offer. This separates the 'scammers' and the pros if your willing to stand behind your service, regardless.

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    Honestly, phone support is important, as well as the service levels. A good looking site will give you reassure that the guys are serious about what they're doing.

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    Should be consider : 24*7 Support , Cost , Quality , Reliability , money back policy

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    My biggest concern would be uptime and reliability.

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    Good thread.. Initially all the customers will be looking for low cost, so they may get into the hosting company who offers low price. But the support will be utter waste. The tickets will be replied after 12 hours, and the customers will be fed up with the hosting and they will be looking for a better host who provides good support. This is what I have seen till now. I will recommand all the one who is searching for a new host to check for the technical support they offers.

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    I think 24*7 support is the most important thing as well as Money back policy , Some extra features like Free PHP or other scripts , Fantastico , FREE Online Site Builder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XSAndy View Post
    What do you look for in a host?


    The hosting company's website must render well in all browsers. From my perspective if a web hosting company can't provide a readable website, I have more than a reasonable doubt they can provide quality web hosting service.

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    You can look for the reliability,responsiveness and their client base. Also look for the pricing the amount of bandwidth you get and the datacenter facilities of your host.You can visit their testimonial section if present to check the level of customer satisfaction.

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    Good reputation and support.

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    Being a hosting provider I would like to share what I think is most important...

    I would say a technical support and really a nice uptime does it all....

    2nd preference is always price that be sure that you are not being thug by paying a high price which is not worth it.

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    I've always looked for the best hardware to price ratio, since that's most important for me. Support is important too, but even with all the servers and VPSs I've leased, I've only used the host's support a few times.

    Also a control panel is important, I wouldn't really consider a hosting plan without a free cp license.

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    Actually, to get the best out of anything and to be able to lessen the possibility of having issues in the future when looking for a perfect host for you, everything little detail is important in my opinion. You have to study all of the factors surrounding a contract or package you might want to avail. It's better to keep asking many questions rather than be sorry later. Although I take great importance on support, service and reviews by others.

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    Good customer support
    Enough bandwidth and space
    Daily backups
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