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    ASP TO PHP Migration as SEO

    i have a existing website using a shopping cart with ASP
    i dont like the system and i am thinking to change with quick cart pro which uses PHP (OPENSOLUTION.ORG)

    i will transfer some of my products to my new site.

    but the problem is the old links, i have 380 indexed links in google.
    links are like this
    how will google acts to new links ?
    new links are like this with quick cart,8.html

    can you tell me what must be done in order to keep the google rankings at the same level.
    can there be a redirection or other things ?

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    why do you want thoose links anyways ? They are terrible.

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    He was probably given the incorrect advise that Google gives more favor to static html than dynamic pages, or some crap. Which is completely untrue.
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    WOW! What a nitemare you have there, well it depends on the software you use for the new shopping cart.

    You will want to do 301 redirects for every page. Do you by chance have a csv file with all your products and the corresponding url's? If so, this would be the easiest, rather than going through manually putting in each redirect.

    Also, if you are moving to a shopping cart that has SEO friendly url's, this will help you even more with your positioning, and could quite possibly give you a really large boost in organic traffic.
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