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    Flash Socket Ajax Bridge

    I am looking to extend a personal pet project. I have pretty much an exact clone of bomberman written in ajax + javascript, using ajax to load the levels from dynamically generated maps in python, and now i want to make it multiplayer, no npc interaction, very real time) possibly on a .3 second second delay(exactly how world of warcraft does there health checks)

    My question.

    I want to know the security level between ajax and straight up sockets.. obviously the client would be easily-changed.

    Only thing i was thinking about doing is write a normal ajax function to dynamically load everything, including having a dynamically created way for hand shaking - retrieving a token send it to the socket server socket server authenticates and do it every few seconds for security checks.

    Browser (client)
    Web Server (client accesses this page, Ajax function dynamically changes variables every few seconds, sends a token upon handshake, and that gets sent to the socket server)
    Game Server (socket server authenticates the user via tokens
    Database Server (everything would be stored here)
    3 actual servers, or 3 vps at the start..

    Every single variable in the javascript and in this case, jquery that i write will be randomly generated on every load to prevent autoers from running.

    Or should I go the route and not use a socket server at all? From my understanding a flash socket bridge would be quicker and would be better at connection handling

    I don't need programming help, it's welcome just don't need it. Just curious what would be the better route.. pure ajax no sockets via flash bridge, or flash socket ajax bridge?

    I would want to handle at least a thousand or more without breaking up everything.. either way, i know both would be easy to scale.. i just want to know which would scale the furthest and the easiest, does anyone have any ideas on which would be easier to scale? The most logical that is.

    I've been putting this off for some time, i don't normally like asking questions like this, but this is something i need to look at before i try and make a browser mmorpg. BTW, for the Java lovers, java isn't an option as i hate it. Lol


    EDIT: Didn't mention that the socket server would be coded in c++ and use lua scripts on each event. OnConnect, OnDisconnect, OnRecv, OnSend, etc.
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