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1st :- What is MicroWORKERS ?!

it's a service where we connect people " employers " who wants a job or service to be done be people who want to help " workers "

2nd :- What's the difference between the employer and worker ?! and how I know if I am employer or worker ?!

When you sign up, you have two choices

a) you put a micro job to be finished with microworkers and here you are EMPLOYER, after that you review the work done by the workers and you pay them.

b) you see a job posted on the site and you WORK to finish it so you are WORKER

3rd :- to sum up, read this please

you need help to get something done >>> you post the job on our site and let people " workers " help you by finishing the job >>>> you see the work done and rate it and pay the workers money >>>> and you are DONE ! so easy !!

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and here is a detailed FAQ