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    Something to allow resellers access to some csf fuinctions

    I am trying to figure out as way to give certain resellers access to the csf -a and csf -d commands in order to unblock/whitelist or block ips.

    I know doing a GUI in whm would be too difficult so I guess I need a way they can do this with a shell command.

    I have already asked csf guys and they did not show any interest in this so I need to come up with something.

    If I have to full access could be granted, this would only be for trusted resellers.

    Does anyone have any idea how I can make csf accessible to chosen resellers? Like perhaps making a group for them or something? I have seriously been looking for such a solution for quite some time to no avail.

    So any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    You could enable sudo on csf for the webuser that your resellers are using and then access the command via PHP.

    Another (maybe safer) idea would be to set up an auto-responder that checked to make sure the email was sent from a valid user with a subject line of "(un)block"...and then executed the appropriate command.

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