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    Delayed Email Issue..

    We have a reseller shared hosting plan with Hostgator and since we've moving over one of our reseller domains in particular has been having email issues. Basically this particular domain has been receiving emails late. It doesn't always happen but often we won't get an email till the next day. It's becoming more of a problem and Host Gator can't seem to find what's causing the issue. I've talked to them twice about it.. once sent a ticket and once chatted and both times the end result was them saying everything is working fine.

    What I could really use at this point is any suggestions as to where or what to look at..Has anyone else had this type of issue and been able to solve it?

    Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks
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    It could be due to a number of things, though generally when an email is delayed from sending it is because of the receivers email server is having some sort of issue(slow or overloaded email server). If they can't figure out the problem ask them to switch you to a different server.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll ask them to do that.
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    The mail server might be busy or overloaded. Switching to another server would be your best bet.

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    As said above switching will be the best solution. If you tell them to transfer you to another server they usually do it pretty fast.

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