Cheap Xen powered VPS servers in Cloud
Starting at just 20 per month for a high quality / redundant VPS from

Our VPS (Virtual Private Servers or Virtual Dedicated Servers) give you the flexibility of a dedicated server, without the cost.

All virtual servers are housed in our highly redundant custom
built cloud platform,utlizing the popular xen paravirtualisation technology and fully managed by our custom built customer control
Panel - tour our control panel here

Included with all plans is:

* Selection of Pre-installed application templates
* Gigabit internet connection
* Full server root access
* Free Daily/weekly/monthly Back-ups
* Remote reboot
* Daily weekly/monthly/yearly network graphs
* Daily weekly/monthly/yearly CPU Usage
* Re-install your operating system at any time in mintues
* Emergency console access

512MB guranteed RAM
30 GB Hard Disk
1 IP Addresses - (Add more via your cp)
500 GB Bandwidth
20 / month

1GB guranteed RAM
50 GB Hard Disk
2 IP Addresses- (Add more via your cp)
750 GB Bandwidth
45 / month

2GB guranteed RAM
80 GB Hard Disk
2 IP Addresses- (Add more via your cp)
1 TB Bandwidth
80 / month

Any queries email - [email protected]