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    Securing a Domain and Trademark

    Hey guys i was hoping you gents could lend some advice for securing a domain and trademark. Iv an idea for a site that im going to pursue over the next 4 years or there abouts. The name of the domain is directly linked to the branding of the site and id like to trademark the name. Iv read on these forums people running into issues with people trying to buy their domain off them and i want to avoid these conflicts if possible. The domain i want to register will be in use almost straight away sadly im at a loss as to what to do to secure both the domain and TM. Advice is most welcome

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    You can do-it-yourself and pay the $335 trademark filing fee to the USPTO - but note that about 35% of trademark applications are not pursued through to registration due to errors in the application, objections, and associated additional costs. It's worthwhile hiring a trademark lawyer to get it right the first time.

    According to the USPTO, on average, they make preliminary decisions about 3 months after filing with registrations occurring, on average, about a year after filing. A trademark will scare off most imitators from using your name but if they do you will still have to take them to court to make them cease and desist.

    USPTO application:

    Overview of process:

    To secure a domain name - just buy it (about $10/year)- major domain registrars include,, and
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