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    Hats off to Nirmani!

    Purchased an account wtih yesterday - must say, I'm very impressed with their service.

    Tech support is absolutely superb - I/we exchanged something like 8 e-mails within two hours last night, while I bombarded Niranga at with pre-sales questions - all answered properly and courteously.

    An hour after, the account was set-up.

    Then a disastrous ISP setting was discovered that prevented my accessing part of my admin - Niranga had the experience to solve the problem, and even provide the relevant solution info I could even contact my ISP with so they could fix it!

    I initially looked to chose Nirmani because I liked their situation upon the US internet backbone, their insistance on high-quality bandwidth only, and their immediate connectivity to Europe [and Asia!].

    Their prices may be a couple of dollars higher than similar plans by other companies. But frankly, with Nirmani, they're not cutting corners - I guess you get exactly what you pay for.

    I think I should expect a good hosting relationship with them.


    [much relieved and very happy ]

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    I will add that I've been a Nirmani customer for a couple of weeks now, and am very very satisfied. Lots of personal attention (but not too much). I'm on a blazing fast server, not even close to being overloaded, and the connectivity has been great. 100% uptime so far, as it should be.

    I had a similar setup experience as I, Brian--lots of e-mails back and forth with Nirmani. Responses were very prompt, helpful, etc. From the very beginning when he made me an offer, Nirmani has paid attention to my specific personal needs, as opposed to the copy/paste club that predominates here on WHT.

    When I have had configuration questions, I have gotten the exact response that I want--instructions how to do it myself, and an offer to take care of it for me. Sometimes I have made the config changes myself, but usually I let Nirmani take care of them because he has shown that he will do so expeditiously and with precision.

    Thanks to Nirmani and keep up the good work!

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    Oh - forgot to mention - he also registered my domain for me that same night, even though it's not yet one of his official services.

    He also registered the nameservers for me, and kept my fully up to date with their propagation status, even sending a report this morning on their ping results [everything is most fine].

    Absolutely superb! Customer care of the highest degree.
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    Nirmani has been around for a while (I recognize the name for some reason). They visited these forums in the past if I remember correctly. Sounds like you made a good choice so good luck with them.

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    I see they havent changed.

    When I was around looking for a host for my site because I was running it off my local box, I went shopping around and talked to Nirmani so I decided to try out their 14 day trial... That was the best pre-setup, and support I ever seen. He/she was setting up my account while I was talking to them on MSN Messenger.

    Definately a host I'd recommend primarily for support though I was only there for 14 days.

    Yes, Nirmani browses the forums but not too much though.
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    I never had a problem with them when I used them before in the past ... seems they're keeping up the good work
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    Hats off to nirmani and Niranga Dharmaratna from me too.

    i started searching for hosting in FWS.
    and found 2 choices there(according to my needs).

    CyberWings and Nirmani
    first one was bit cheaper, but pre-sale support and
    prompt answers to my bombing questions through emails
    from nirmani forced me to purchase a small 10MB account from them.
    (Thanx God i choosed Nirmani instead of CyberWings)

    it was my first time experience with WebHosting
    so i was quite confused about technical terms/ problems
    but Niranga was never late in replying my questions.

    Excellent services and Excellent support forced me to stay with nirmani while i was choosing a WebHost for my next projects.

    the story continued and i purchased a reseller account then another one........

    so support also continued by Niranga Dharmaratna (Nirmani) by e-mails and Instant Messenger.

    Hats Off to nirmani,
    with a little gift
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    █ Remote & easy to use ...

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