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    PHP: Playing with CheckBox ?


    I have 2 checkbox fields

    <input type="checkbox" name="music[1]"/>
    <input type="checkbox" name="music[2]"/>

    So when the user tick on those 2 checkboxes and click submit button
    the address bar is


    My question is

    How can I get the values [1] and [2] using PHP ?

    Means, I just want an array with those values, 1 and 2

    Any help ?

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    It sounds like you are using GET instead of POST -- by using POST the values would not show up in the address bar but would transfer to the script you specify.

    In order.php you would access the posted variables by using $_POST[music[1]]

    Just be sure to sanitize the values of the posted data if you are going to be doing anything with it and a database -- mysql_real_escape_string() -- never trust user input
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    Um...actually, you can go either way (or both) *"your mom" joke here*:

    I'm more curious about the chosen form field names from the original poster. The array syntax is usually reserved for checkbox groups, ie:

    PHP Code:
    <input type="checkbox" name="music[]" value="1">
    input type="checkbox" name="music[]" value="2">

    // and then check with

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